Lulu Profile

Lulu Balbi-Atkinson

I’m Lulu, a freelance graphic designer based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I started out with a degree in Government and International Relations from Sydney University but, starving for a creative outlet, went back to study design in my mid-20s. Before transitioning to working for myself full time in 2019, I got my break at a design agency on the North Shore, starting as an intern and skilling up to senior designer.
My focus spans branding, web design, digital documentation, magazines, EDMs and more. Core clients include PR and modelling agencies, digital marketing and market research companies, real estate agents and start-ups.
I’ve been thrilled to work with Hacia on a number of projects over the last few years and was honoured to be engaged again for Tradie Network’s branding, an extension of the work we did on EWIT.
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