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Empowered Insulated Bottle

Empowered Insulated Bottle

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Stay refreshed and make an impact with our 'Empowered Women in Trades' Drink Bottle! This isn't just a bottle; it's a tribute to every hardworking tradeswoman out there, echoing the mission of Empowered Women in Trades. This bottle will keep your morning brew piping hot for up to 12 hours and that post-workout cold drink, icy for an astonishing 48 hours. It is made with resilient stainless steel to endure the daily grind without a scratch or fade. Its sleek design ensures it fits snugly in most vehicle cup holders, making it your ideal travel companion. But here's the best part: every purchase directly supports the Empowered Women in Trades charity. So, as you quench your thirst, you're also championing a cause that empowers women in the trades industry.

.: One size: 22oz (0.65 l)

.: Spill-proof design

.: Scratch and fade resistant

.: BPA free

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